The next generation journey planner. Contribute and leave your mark!

For users

You are the focus, always. The next generation journey planner pinpoints your location and shows nearby routes, stops and timetables, in real time! Real time means that you will see the location of buses and trains, as well as the accurate times of arrival at the stops. No more time wasted waiting. The service filters unnecessary information and tells what is going on around you and how to get to your destination more conveniently. In the future, the real time service will cover the whole country.

For municipalities

Be on the map and make your home municipality easier to move around. Join us in developing the next generation journey planner and get national visibility for your home municipality. OpenTransport is an easy-to-access service platform provided by OpenTransport. Thanks to its open-source nature, all interested parties can participate in the development of the service. This is likely to result in better quality, improve security and provide data that is always up-to-date. Make sure that the route and timetable information for your municipality are available for the service platform.

For service maintainers

Set up your own routing services using Docker containers and open source repositories from OpenTransport.