Background map

Background map provides HSL style map tiles for example for browser based applications.

Data format

Raster maps are available in Tile Map Service format

Note: Background map is also available as vector tiles from source hsl-vector-map.


Supported URL parameters

Parameter Type Description
source string
  • hsl-map for 512px raster tiles
  • hsl-map-256 for 256px raster tiles
  • hsl-map-sv for 512px raster tiles with Swedish language
  • hsl-map-sv-256 for 256px raster tiles with Swedish language
  • hsl-vector-map for vector tiles
z int Zoom level
x int x-coordinate
y int y-coordinate
size string '@2x' for retina tiles or empty value for normal


An example of what the HSL map tiles look like


HSL style map tiles

Retina tiles

Swedish language tiles

Test the API

Display map using Leaflet

Here is a quick example that uses Leaflet to display scrollable map.
Note that this example is using hsl-map tiles (512px), which are not the size that Leaflet expects. To display 512px tiles correctly with Leaflet, use options tileSize: 512 and zoomOffset: -1